The Digital Millennium Copyright Act (DMCA) refers to OvooTV as an online service. 

The site offers a unique service which providers its user with similar searches for different media types. The site will never monitor, screen or review media from third-party services in any sense.
OvooTV gives importance to copyright violation and sees to its best efforts to protect the legal copyrights of owners 

In Case your content is showcased on this site without your authorization, feel free to write to us. The management will identify the specified content and take proper action against it. However, we may not take appropriate measures if the letter fails to identify the content as it needs to. Therefore, get your time to fill out every detail as necessary.
  • The identification of respected content that you are saying is infringed. In case you want to report multiple instances of infringed content then you must submit a notification with a list that is stable enough to correctly identify each infringed content you.
  • The identification of location along with the description of the material that you believe is infringed or a subject to such activity. Make sure there are enough details to help OvooTV locate the material. Don’t skip URL of the pages where such content is found.
  • Also to the critical information you will provide related to the material, you need provide details about the party responsible for posting content. The detailed report should mention their name, number, address, email, and signature. This will help the management to contact the party promptly.
  • You also need to provide us with a statement stating that the complaining party has great believed that the use of infringed material and how it is noted is not authorized by copyright owner, their agent or even law.
If you feel that the content on OvooTV is infringed, don’t be hesitant to reach us. Provide us a proper notice. As we get a proper receipt and correct details on what we asked above, we will act and make good on your faith of contacting us.

We don’t mean to discourage you from sending provable queries, but you need to mind this. As you have sent a receipt, you are somewhat liable for damage if you misrepresent the material or activity deemed infringing. In different instances, we have encountered such abuses and wanted to avoid it in future.